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What Our Firm Stands for

Experienced, Reputable Financial Management.

At Peterson Wealth Management we understand that your individual financial situation is unique and deserves an equally unique approach designed to help put you on track to reaching your financial goals.

Because we are an independent firm, we have no obligation to sell proprietary products or services, so we can be openly selective in offering only those investment products and services that we believe are best suited to help meet your financial objectives and goals. This is the objectivity afforded by working with an independent financial consultant. We offer you timely, unbiased investment advice, and promise to do so with the highest level of integrity and service.

Our Fiduciary Responsibility

You may have heard the word “fiduciary” circling around the financial planning world lately and likely have questions as to what it means. What is a fiduciary? Are the professionals at Peterson Wealth Management fiduciaries? What are the advantages of working with a fiduciary versus another type of advisor?

The Fiduciary Duty

The fiduciary duty requires an advisor to act in the best interest of their clients and to put their clients’ needs above their own at all times. They must act with loyalty and care, provide upfront disclosures to the client, and eliminate all conflicts of interest. At Peterson Wealth Management, we always serve as fiduciaries for our clients.

Stockbrokers Versus Fiduciaries

A stockbroker is any person engaged in the business of effecting transactions for the account of others. Stockbrokers are generally not considered to have a fiduciary duty to the client and instead of being obligated to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own, brokers are only expected to deal fairly with their clients and provide suitable options.

Seeking out an investment advisor who will act as your fiduciary, like the professionals at our firm, can help eliminate many of the problems associated with working with an advisor who is solely concerned with commissions and making sales. We, as fiduciaries, serve our clients first, last, and always.

In addition to being fiduciaries, we are also completely independent and are therefore not tied to any proprietary products or commission-based sales. Because of this flexible architecture, we only recommend strategies that are in our clients’ best interests and work for you and you alone.

At Peterson Wealth Management

our mission is to develop lifelong client relationships and become the last advisor a family needs. To do this, we provide guidance as your family’s primary advocate and provide exemplary service and care.

When working with our firm you will be treated with countless benefits, most notably:

Strategic Analysis - Before making any recommendations, we perform a demanding array of analyses and tailor our investment plans to your unique needs.

Unwavering Commitment - We take a family office approach that empowers you and we value proactive education and communication. Let us be your family’s personal CFO.

Trust - There is no greater compliment than when a client refers us to their family or friends and we take this level of trust seriously. We deliver on our promises and do what we say we’re going to do, a guiding principle at our firm.

Client Service - We know that maintaining client relationships for decades shows that we are committed to the ongoing partnership we create. We not only meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations.

Comprehensive Approach - We approach your financial plans as a thousand-piece puzzle; every aspect must be addressed for the picture to fit together. We examine your investments, income distribution, retirement planning, trust and estate planning, and more.

Professionalism and Ethics - We are committed to furthering education, always staying abreast on our industry, and passing this education along to our clients. In doing this, we adhere to some of the most highly-regarded ethics requirements in the industry.

Lastly, our independence is a defining feature that keeps your best interests in mind. By serving as your advocate, we utilize our knowledge from the world of large financial institutions and implement strategies to either make or save your wealth you’ve created. This offers a tremendous advantage when providing solutions to achieve your goals. As an open architecture firm, we do not make recommendations to meet a quota or sales target. We have the flexibility to access countless strategies and products across the financial markets.