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Scott's 10 Talking Points for 5-5-2015

| May 07, 2015
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By D. Scott Peterson

Here I bring you my 10 talking points for the week. These are things that I think are important to note in the market. This also is way for my clients and readers to drill down and block out the background noise of the day to day media. A simple 10 point article for your enjoyment!

1. Higher interest rates are coming are you ready?

2. The level of interest rates is one of the most import factors affecting the US consumer and most importantly the behavior of the financial markets.

3.Their direction is very difficult to predict, maybe even virtually impossible.

4. The era of historically low interest rates most likely ended last October.

5. The Federal Reserve board has the most influence on short term rates.

6. The US and worldwide bond market has an even greater influence on longer term interest rates.

7. The relationship between short and long term rates, as determined by the Federal and bond markets, is complex.

8. Speculation (and that’s all it is) about when rates will go up is sometime this year or early 2016.

9. We understand these dynamics very well. Scott has been studying and observing the Fed and the bond market for 30 years.

10. Do you want the benefit of this experience? Just call or ask us.  

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