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First entry, let the fun begin.

| February 18, 2015
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This blog will hopefully turn into something that clients and people searching for financial advice and sanity will come to read and enjoy. This blog won't be dedicated only to retirement advice and investing themes or portfolio allocation. It will cover much more than that we hope.

Our clients come to us for many reasons and many of them have nothing to do with investing. The relationship between advisor and client really has to morph into that of friend and friend. Great trust is placed in us to do right by our clients and with that trust comes great insight into not only their financial lives but also personal as well. As the relationship changes and morphs so must the advice and the topics that are covered in our interactions. Our hope is this blog will mirror that evolution and our readers will begin to gleam more knowledge from it. Our other hope is that we provide an amount of entertainment and humor into this crazy world that we call investing. So don't be surprised if this blog posts articles that have nothing to do with investing or retirement, but everything to do with being insightful and informative.

So on behalf of us at Peterson Wealth Management we thank you for taking time to read and follow, we hope you enjoy the content. Now let us begin...

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